The Best of The Animals

Who are the classics that you love?  Do you have an artist or a few artists that you will always pick up at your record store?

There are a few artists that fit the bill for me and The Animals are definitely high on that list.  Their sound is uniquely 1960s Rock n Roll and a timeless sound at the same time.  It is organ-driven, guitar ladened rock with some heavy lyrics.

A certain absolute genius blogger described lead singer Eric Burdon as a white Englishman sing(ing) the black man’s blues with grace, style, and class.  Is it douchey to quote yourself?
Seriously, The Animals stand out in a time period riddled with one-hit wonder musical acts trying to find their way.

If you are not familiar with them or if you only know House of the Rising Sun, then The Best of The Animals is a great introduction to this band.  The songs that fill this record were hits for a reason; you can tap your toes, nod your head, and sing along.

I paid $12 for my copy and that is a little on the high end.  You should be able to find this album in almost every record store in the country and it is probably less than $10.  Even if it is $20, it is worth the money because the music really stands up.

Think about this: The Best of The Animals was pressed in 1966.  50 years ago.  Your grandfather or great aunt or crazy old neighbor next door saved their money, went to the record store, and bought this album.  I am sure that they played it loud.  And here we are talking about it 50 freaking years later.

My favorite track: Bring It On Home To Me

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