Best Coast – California Nights 

Think about your record collection for a minute.  What draws you to vinyl?  Why do you like it?  What do you get out of collecting records?

Here is my reason: I like listening to music on vinyl because it is a purposeful activity.  If I am listening to music on my phone or iPod (yes, I still have an iPod) I am usually doing something else.  But, when I put on a record it is because I want to just sit and listen.

I also really like opening a record for the first time without knowing exactly what I am about to hear.  There is a mystery contained in the wax and dropping the needle will reveal that mystery track by track.

California Nights was a mystery.  I had absolutely no idea what I would hear.  This album caught my eye in the store because the cover art is a beautiful photo.  I knew that I had to play this record immediately when I got home from the store.

California Nights sounds like the soundtrack to a 90s teen comedy.  It has this pop-punk sound that is familiar and inviting with a hint of surf rock undertones.  Is there such a thing as singer-songwriter trippy surf punk pop?  That is the section of the record store where you would find this album.

Vocalist Bethany Cosentino’s voice is reminiscent of Liz Phair or Kay Hanley and I really like it.

California Nights is a fun, happy-go-lucky sounding album full of dark and unhappy lyrics.  The contrast makes it a nice record to listen to with a drink in your hand.

My favorite track: Fine Without You

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