In This Moment – Blood

Do you have a musical weakness?  Is there something that you are always drawn to?

Rock chicks are my weakness.  I freaking love rock chicks.  There is something incredibly attractive about a girl that can sing and scream over heavy guitars.  I can’t express in words the reasoning; it must be some sort of primal thing.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that Maria Brink is absolutely gorgeous.

Blood is heavy, very heavy.  However, this album is not straight metal.  It is metal with some industrial rock and ethereal soundscapes mixed in.

Having a female vocalist gives the music a different feel than if the same band was fronted by a man.  This album has a wide range of speed and sound that lends itself to a woman’s voice more than that of a guy.  Maria Brink’s vocals go from softly singing to violently screaming quickly and seamlessly.

The lyrics are passionate and Brink’s voice is full of happiness, heartbreak, pain, and rage. She is the heavy metal Lady Gaga.

Blood is an album to listen to at an extremely loud volume.

My favorite track: You’re Gonna Listen

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