Michael Bolton

Have you ever been in a record store and said “Hey look!  Michael Bolton!”?

Probably not.  But, you should.

First, look at this cover art.

How do you not want to have this in your collection??  Look at that hair!  I would kill for that hair.  And those eyes!!  I’m worried that my wife will get pregnant if she looks at this album cover for too long.

However, you are not here because you care too deeply about cover art or bad jokes.  You are here to find out what it sounds like.

Michael Bolton is the quintessential 80s pop-rock, hair metal-lite sound.  It has catchy guitar riffs, synthesizers, call and answer background vocals, and generally makes you want to do that 80s white girl dance (finger snaps and all).

Michael Bolton could easily be an album from Journey, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, or countless others.  Listening to this album makes me wonder how many artists and albums were lost in the shuffle during the 80s.

The major difference between most of those bands’ albums and this album is that you can hear the vocal prowess that Bolton has.  The guy is crazy talented and this album makes me wish that his 80s rock had caught on because I’m curious about what his career path would have been.  Would he have gone heavier in the 90s?  How dark would his music had gotten?  It is all speculation.

My favorite track: Hometown Hero

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