The Doors – L.A. Woman

What is the best dollar that you’ve ever spent?  This album is it for me.  I found a copy of L.A. Woman at an estate sale for a single dollar.  Deal of the century.

The fact that this is the first album from The Doors that I’ve added to my vinyl collection makes me sad.  I should have had at least something from them by now.  But, the past is the past and I have now remedied that situation.

L.A. Woman is a classic album from one of the greatest bands of all time.  This record has been dissected and reviewed by music professionals and enthusiasts for many years, so I don’t believe that I’m going to add anything to its reputation.  What I can do is tell you what this album is like to listen to so that you can decide whether or not to pick it up the next time you are in your local record store.

L.A. Woman is an album of white men playing the black man’s blues.  And they play it very well.  There is raw emotion on this record that you can feel as your turntable spins.  I feel it would be better to listen to this album in a smokey basement with red shag carpet and a glass of whiskey in my hand.

That rawness is in the arrangement, too.  There is not a lot of overproduction on this album.  It sounds unrefined and gritty, but also clean at the same time.

The fact that this album is from the early 70s leads it to having a touch of psychedelic sounds.  It can be heard in the organ/keyboard and some funky guitar.

I know that you’ve seen this album at your local record store.  You’ve probably seen it priced at or higher than new vinyl.  That is because it is worth it.  This album is a classic for a reason.  Buy it.  Jam to it. Enjoy the intricacies.

My favorite track: Been Down So Long

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