Hellyeah – Unden!able

Stereotypes are born in truth, but stereotypes are hurtful.  Think for a moment about what the typical fan at a metal show looks like.

Black t-shirt?  Leather or denim vest with patches and chains?  Black jeans even when it is 97°?  This describes most metal fans and it is the reason I get strange looks when I go see a metal band.  Almost everyday I am in khaki cargo shorts, a Batman shirt, Adidas, and an Atlanta Braves hat.  I don’t look like a metal fan and those stares hurt…….

Seriously though, my musical tastes are varied, but metal had a special place in my heart.  I was happy to get to see Hellyeah again and pick up this album from their merch booth.

Unden!able is hard, fast, pounding metal.  It is the type of album that I’d want spinning in the weight room when I played football in high school.

Vinnie Paul’s drum work is on point.  I love that this band has a superstar drummer because they like to make sure that his work is prominently featured on their songs.

Speaking of Vinnie Paul, there is a very cool cover of I Don’t Care Anymore by Phil Collins on this album.  Vinnie Paul and his brother, Dimebag Darrell, recorded that song with their band Damageplan before Dimebag passed away; the Damageplan version was never released.  After Hellyeah decided to record it for this album Vinnie found the old recordings and they were able to isolate Dimebag’s guitar parts.  Dimebag Darrell makes a guest appearance on Unden!able from beyond the grave.  Awesome.

Unden!able is a great heavy album.  It is full of great riffs, excellent headbanging beats, and screaming vocals.  Some of Chad Gray’s vocals on this record are very reminiscent of his Mudvayne days and I love that.

My favorite track: X

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