Bandits – Kill Tonight/Wheels

Are you the type of person who gets to a live show early so you can secure your spot up close and get a good look at the opening band or are you the person who gets to the show late because you are only interested in the headlining band?  I am an opening band type of guy.

I have learned about many new bands because I got to the show early.  I know that is the idea, but I am amazed at the number of people who show up just before the headliner takes the stage.  Some people (idiots) even show up after the headliner has already started.

I just can’t get behind that type of thinking.

Bandits is a band from Boulder, CO and I saw them open up for Black Pistol Fire.  I imagine them as a group of time traveling musicians because their style is a mix of a few different eras.  They are part 80s synth pop, part 60s/70s psychedelic rock, and part 90s jam band.

Kill Tonight features a heavy dose of Korg synthesizer along with low-end guitars.  Lulu’s vocals are crisp and catchy.  It is the type of song that could easily find its way onto rock radio.

Wheels is psychedelic.  Distorted guitars coupled with distorted and ethereal vocals give it a very pleasant acid trip feel.  But, this song rocks harder than the 60s/70s rock that it mirrors.  It is heavy.  And it sounds fantastic.

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