The Moondoggies – Adiós I’m a Ghost 

When was the last time that you bought an album without knowing a single thing about it?  Have you ever gambled on a record?

I consider the money I earn from donating plasma to be free money, so I like to roll the dice on records because I have nothing to lose.  This album is one of those gambles and one of those times that I could not tell what kind of music I was in for.

The album art had me guessing Spanish country music, but I figured that was a little far-fetched.

Adiós I’m a Ghost sounds familiar and unique at the same time.  There is a 60s & 70s folk-rock vibe to this album that is reminiscent of The Mamas & the Papas; The Byrds; Peter, Paul, & Mary; The Turtles; and more.
Mostly the instrumentation on this LP is simple.  Swimmy and distorted electric guitars, uncomplicated drum beats, and organs accompany easy acoustic strums and harmonies with heavy reverb.  This record could have easily been released in 1972.

There is also a bit of Ryan Adams,  The Head and the Heart, or The Avett Brothers mixed into The Moondoggies’ sound.

Adiós I’m a Ghost is an unobtrusive album. It is a perfect soundtrack to a summer evening on the porch, drinking a craft beer, and waiting for your grass fed all natural non-GMO vegan black bean burger to cook on the grill.  Ok, it’s not that hippie-dippie…….but, your hipster friends will absolutely enjoy this album.  And you will, too.

My favorite track: A Lot to Give

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