Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Golden Records

You know how certain songs or albums can cause your mind to flood with vivid memories?  This album does that very thing to me.

I had a copy of this album on CD when I was in high school.  As soon as I see the cover art and hear the music I immediately think of driving my gold 1989 Acura Integra on Highway 53 in Calhoun, GA and singing (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear to my girlfriend.  I ended up marrying that girl, but I doubt it had anything to do with my singing abilities.

I am not going to write a review that sheds some kind of new light on The King of Rock n Roll.  But, what I can do is tell you what this album sounds like.

Elvis’ Golden Records is a collection of 14 Elvis singles that sold more than a million copies each.  These are records from the late 50s and early 60s.  Just think about that for a moment.  These are the songs that your parents and grandparents were in love with while their parents thought they were going to hell just for listening to them.

This album is not just good 50s/60s rock n roll, it is also American history.  Elvis’ Golden Records is the physical representation of the change that occurred in music during that time.

It is hit after hit after hit.  You can hear the country influence in his voice and the rhythm and blues influence in the music. I did not buy this record because the vinyl is worth a lot of money (it is not) or because it is extremely rare (it most definitely is not); I bought this record because I love Elvis and because it is a solid album to put on the turntable when you are feeling nostalgic.

The clicks and pops on my copy add to the depth of the music.  I love this album.

My favorite track: Love Me




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