Thee Tsunamis – Saturday Night Sweetheart

What traits in a woman get you every time?  For me it’s the over abundance of confidence.  There is just something incredibly sexy about a woman with lots of self confidence and there’s no better place to find that than all girl rock bands. So, when I saw these ladies on the cover of this album I knew I needed to own it.

I know absolutely zero about this record or this band.  I picked it up on a whim.  The cover of Saturday Night Sweetheart screams rockabilly punk rock.  It looks like something that roller derby girls would be into.

Well, I don’t think that I am too far off.  This record is really interesting.  It sounds as if punk garage rock has been run through a filter of 1950s poodle skirts and bobby socks and then heavily distorted.

The tracks move very quickly; there is a lot of energy on this album.  Listening to Saturday Night Sweetheart brings to mind a smokey bar with hot rods in the parking lot and girls with tattoos hanging onto guys in leather jackets.

The vocals sound as if The Runaways were mixed with The White Stripes and backed up by The Chordettes.

This isn’t necessarily my favorite pick up, but it is a solid album.  It has its place in my collection and I will spin it occasionally.

My favorite track: Drag

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