Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

Do you find yourself gravitating to a certain sound?  As much as I try to tell myself that my musical tastes are diverse and that my vinyl collection spans all genres the truth is that the majority of my records fall into one category: blues rock.

Hollow Bones is a model blues rock album.  It sounds the way it should.  It is heavy where it needs to be and filled with catchy tunes that will make you nod your head in time.  Hollow Bones has its fair share of soul; specifically a cover of Black Coffee by Ike and Tina Turner that features gospelesque background vocals.

Rival Sons is a band from California, but their brand of rock is drenched in southern flare and the sadness of the delta blues.  They’re The Doors mixed with Royal Blood, The White Stripes, and a dash of Led Zeppelin.  If my musical tastes tend to float to this sound, I have zero complaints.

My copy of Hollow Bones featured an insert signed by the band.  It was a nice surprise.

My favorite track: Baby Boy

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