Dwight Yoakam – Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day/High On A Mountain Of Love

Is there an artist that you like so must that you will buy anything they are associated with?  You love them so much that you trust their musical decisions no matter what?  For me that artist is Jack White.

I am a huge fan of Jack White and Third Man Records and I trust that the music Jack puts his stamp on is going to be good.  (I conveniently forget about that Insane Clown Posse abomination)

When I saw that Dwight Yoakam would be releasing a 7″ in the Third Man Blue Series I knew I would need to own it.  I have always liked Yoakam’s style and Jack White produced it, so please just take my money.

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day is a song from The Monkees first album, but for me it is a forgettable track.  Dwight Yoakam’s version features the Third Man All Star Band and is a rocking country song.  It jams.  Yoakam’s signature twang really stands out.

High On A Mountain Of Love is being billed as a song made famous by the Beach Boys even though other versions did well on the charts (Johnny Rivers’ version for instance).

I recognize the song as Charley Pride’s Mountain of Love and for me this song has always been a country song.  Dwight Yoakam’s take on it is very similar to Charley Pride’s and is fantastic.

Owning this 45 makes me wish that I owned a jukebox.  And a bar.  Or maybe a bowling alley.



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