OFF! – Wasted Years

Have you ever been in the mood to smack a tourist in the face with your skateboard as your ride down the boardwalk in Long Beach?  Well, just in case that urge comes over you, this is your soundtrack for such an occasion.

Wasted Years is hardcore punk.  It is fast, heavy, and meant to be played very loud.  I am pretty sure that my neighbors are going to hate me when I play this album.

I have never really been into straight edge or hardcore punk and I don’t own any album that sounds anything like this, but I like Wasted Years.  There is something almost primal in the sound.  The songs are all very quick; in fact there are 16 tracks in just over 23 minutes.

Not being a fan of OFF! I had to search them on Wikipedia to find out that they are a punk supergroup and all of the members have been in the scene for a very long time.  That explains the polished sound.  There is speed and distortion in the music, but it is done in a way that doesn’t make the album hard to listen to.  It adds depth to the music rather than taking away from it.

My favorite track: Time’s Not On Your Side

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