Randall Bramblett – Devil Music

Have you ever bought an album strictly because of the record label?  I see advertisement inserts boasting other artists on the label all the time when I buy records from an indie label.  I know that it is not a new thing because I have seen the same types of ads inside of Elvis albums.  Even though I have seen these ads for other artists on a specific label I have never purchased an album based on that criteria until now.

A sticker on this album stopped me while I was flipping through the bins at my local record store.  I recognized the label, Nine West Records, as the same label home that Nikki Lane, one of my favorite artists, is on.  So I bought the album.

I am glad I picked up this album because it is one of the most uniquely awesome sounding albums that I own.

Devil Music is a singer-songwriter album that doesn’t sound like most singer-songwriter albums.  It is soulful funky blues with a little country spice.  There is a jazzy funk vein running through the heart of this album that is just fantastic.  I would have bet my paycheck that Randall Bramblett is a black man from Mississippi and I would have to figure out how to pay my rent this month because he is far from it.

Devil Music will make you want to groove and take you to church.  It is an album that has great highs and lows.

My favorite track is the gospel-inspired slow blues Ride

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