Reverend Horton Heat – Hardscrabble Woman/Lying To Myself

I am sure that there is at least one artist out there that, no matter what they record, you are always a fan of their work.  I feel that way about many artists.  Jack White, Norah Jones, and Slipknot to name a few.  Reverend Horton Heat is on that list as well.  They could record the phone book and I would sing along from Adams to Zimmerman.

This 7″ was a limited release on Record Store Day 2016 and I had given up on being able to find it.  My store did not have it on RSD and they could not order it.  Then, I randomly saw it at the record store in the Mall of Georgia.

The good reverend is rockabilly/Texas psychobilly, but the two songs on this 7″ are not the normal rocking and fast-paced songs that the band is known for.

Hardscrabble Woman is definitely rockabilly, but it has a slower and more laid back 50s groove.  It is fun and sing-a-longable.

Lying To Myself is jazzy and funky.  The horns featured on this track give it an almost big band sound.  It is great.

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