Hank III – Rebel Within

One of my goals in life is to build a vinyl collection that will be exciting to the people who come to the eventual estate sale after I die.  I have been to plenty of estate sales that boast a “large vinyl collection” only to find the same old crap over and over.  I don’t want anyone to say that about my collection.  I suppose when I go to the record store that I am always thinking in the back of my mind about trying to impress the people who will be going through my stuff when I’m dead.  This album is one that will cause someone to pay whatever the estate sale price is set at.

If you don’t know Hank III (Hank 3), you need to.  His brand of country sounds musically like traditional country, but it is full of lyrics usually found in hard rock.  You don’t usually hear “fuck” or “crack pipe” in songs that sound the way his country songs sound.

Rebel Within is as country as country can be.  It is born out of pickin’ and grinnin’ bluegrass mixed with traditional outlaw country and a pinch of rock n roll.

Vocally, Hank III sounds like his grandfather, Hank Williams, Sr., and his voice fits perfectly with songs about moonshine, drug abuse, and drinking problems.

Rebel Within is an album you can put on when your friend who always complains about new pop-sounding country comes to visit.

My favorite track is the rocking country and distortion laden Tore Up and Loud.

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