Ghost – Infestissumam

Are you looking for an album that will scare your mom and make her call her pastor to pray for your soul?  Do you like the idea of evil church music?  You need to buy a Ghost album.

Ghost has quickly become one of my favorite bands.  I picked up Meliora a couple months ago and absolutely loved it.  Then, I got a chance to see them live in a great small venue (Track 29 – Chattanooga, TN) and I gained a whole new level of respect for the band.  The stage show, just like the music, is very theatrical.

Infestissumam is full of heavy guitars mixed with orchestral, sometimes carnivalesque, organs and amazing vocals.  The organs give the music a 60s/70s psychedelic feel layered in with the metal.  There is a level of unmatched creepiness in the organ that is hard to explain.  It really helps with the evil church theme that runs throughout the music.

When I saw them live, I noticed the very little effort put into the vocals.  I’m not saying the vocals sounded bad; I’m saying that the vocals were not shouted or overdone.  Papa does not push his voice to the point of screaming or screeching the way many live performers do.  The same flowing vocals you find on the record is found in the live show.  This quality in the vocals really makes Infestissumam stand out.  Ghost wants you to hear their occultish lyrics.

This record is perfect for making your wife ask “what in the hell are you listening to?”  If Rush and Alice Cooper had a baby, that baby would be a member of Ghost.

It is a fun listen because Ghost really sucks you into their thematic theatrical arena and makes you feel as though the Crowned Princes of Hell are preparing to come out of your speakers……..or something like that.

My favorite track: Year Zero

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