The Beach Boys vs J Dilla – Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee

When was the last time you got disappointed and irrational upset over something trivial?  Did they forget to put extra pickles on your burger?  Did the car in front of you wait too long and now you have to sit through another light?  Or did you buy an album that you thought was going to be great only to find out that it is not at all?

I picked up Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee because I am a fan of The Grey Album, so I figured that another classic album being mixed with hip-hop could be nothing but awesome.  I couldn’t be more wrong.  This is terrible.




This album has to be compared to The Grey Album because there is nothing else like it.  The Grey Album is a mash-up of The Black Album by Jay-Z and The Beatles(The White Album) and it is brilliant.  If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of it.

 Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee is Pet Sounds mixed with samples of work from J Dilla, but it is far from brilliant.  There is no semblance of order on this record.  I don’t want to sound like an old man, but it is noise.  There are a few good beats, but they don’t last long enough for a groove.  The Beach Boys are mixed in talking about Pet Sounds and then randomly the music stops and changes direction.  It is as if your 6-year-old is stepping on the remote.

I am very open musically and I try to find redeeming qualities in every record that I buy, but this album is crap.  I hate it.

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