James Taylor – Greatest Hits

There are some artist that you just need to own at least one album from.  James Taylor is one of those artists.  I am not a fan of James Taylor and I don’t know much about him other than a passing knowledge of his legendary musical career and his vast influence.  That being said, I am not going to offer any sort of amazing insight into this album that has never been said before.  But, I can offer you my perspective.

I found this album for a buck at an estate sale.  The cover is in terrible condition, but the vinyl is clean.  I knew that I would be able to get at least one dollar of satisfaction out of it, so it was a no-brainer.

Listening to this album made me realize that I know more James Taylor songs than I thought, but I know most of them as covers by other artists.  It is interesting to hear the original versions.  Also, I knew that James Taylor’s music was laid back, but I don’t think that I fully expected this record to be as chill as it is.  The music is soothing; it’s like sitting in a rocking chair on a screened porch, sipping a cocktail, and listening to the summer rain.  Had a stressful day?  Put this on the turntable and just relax.

I am glad that I am at a point in my life where I can appreciate music that I missed.  I just wish that I had come to this realization sooner in my lifetime so I wouldn’t have so much catching up to do.

Go buy a James Taylor album.  Relax.  You probably need to.

My favorite track is a song that I know from Elvis’ live albums: Steamroller

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