The Righteous Brothers – Some Blue-Eyed Soul

Do you ever pick up an old album in the record store and wonder about how it got to you?  What was its journey?  What decisions by strangers landed this piece of vinyl in your hands?  Maybe I’m a nerd and I’m the only one who thinks like this…

This album is 52 years old.  I wonder who bought it brand new.  Was it a wide-eyed teenager?  Did it belong to a stay at home mom who put it on while cleaning the house?  Did a business executive sit in his easy chair and smoke a cigar while spinning this on the turntable?

This music on this album is timeless.  It is funky, bluesy, rocking, and just damn sexy.  If I told you this album was a black blues singer from the bayou named Smokey Bones Washington, you’d believe me.  The Righteous Brothers put more soul on wax than should be legally allowed.  Hyperbole aside, this album is solid.

If you were to ask me if I know anything about The Righteous Brothers I would say of course I do.  But I, like most people, only knew of Unchained Melody and You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling; I seriously had no idea that The Righteous Brothers sounded like this.  I did not know how fun they are to listen to.

This album is perfect for a 60s dance party in your living room.  Put on your socks, grab your girl, and dance like fools.  Trust me, she’ll love it.

My favorite track: I Just Want To Make Love To You

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