Ranking Roger – Radical Departure

Do you ever daydream about being a famous producer and crate digging for those rare and unknown songs to make into pop beats?  Or is that just me?

I don’t have the talent to be a super famous music producer, but that does not stop me from buying random unknown albums in hopes of finding something spectacular.  That is why I picked up this album.

Radical Departure was in the ska section of the used vinyl and was marked $4.  That’s a no-brainer for me.

This album is not ska as I know it.  I suppose that I was thinking more ska punk than traditional ska.  I was not expecting this sound.

Radical Departure is very 80s and it sounds very 80s.  This LP is as if Culture Club went to Jamaica and recorded an album in the summer of 1986.  Reggae sounds with 80s keyboards and poppiness.

I googled Ranking Roger to find out more about this artist and I felt very dumb.  He is part of The (English) Beat.  How did I miss that?  That fact explains the sound of Radical Departure.

This album will be great with tropical drinks while wearing a Members Only jacket.

My favorite track: Time to Mek a Dime

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