How many times have you been stopped in your tracks by an album in a record store?  That happened to me with this album.

As I was walking out of my local record store (Comeback Vinyl) I happened to glance up at the records on display above the racks and I noticed this plain black album cover.  It is black with raised letters and difficult to photograph.

I saw that the album says Thunderbitch and I knew that I had to own it.  I needed to buy it if only for simply giving me a new name to call my mother-in-law, but I assumed this album would be pretty good.

The backside of the album did not give me much more information because it is just the track listing in that same black raised lettering as the front.

The only solution is to put it on the turntable and give it a listen.  As soon as the vocals kick in on the first track I knew that there was something familiar with this band.  I have never heard their name, but I’ve heard that voice.

Wikipedia held the answer.  Thunderbitch is a side project of Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes.

WHAT?????  How did I miss this????

If you like Alabama Shakes, but you wish that they leaned more rock than blues, this album is for you.  Take Brittany Howard’s powerful and soulful voice and mix it with some gritty garage rock and you’ve got Thunderbitch.

This LP is lo-fi and raw and that is what gives Thunderbitch it’s charm.  Brittany Howard takes you to church; it is a small church with bad lighting, blown speakers, and terrible acoustics, but it is church.

My favorite track: My Baby is my Guitar

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