Deap Vally – Sistrionix

Have you ever found out about an album that you just had to have, but couldn’t find it anywhere?  That happened to me with this album.

I saw Deap Vally open for Wolfmother a couple of months ago and I was absolutely blown away.  The next day I stopped by my local record store to see if they had the album, but no luck.  He couldn’t order it either.  I called a few stores and none of them had it.  Amazon didn’t have it available on vinyl. showed that it was available, but when I ordered it I got an email from them apologizing that their inventory system was not updated.

I was afraid that I was going to have to order it from a seller in Turkey on Discogs.  I really was not concerned about the price, but rather the fact that I did not want to send $80 to Turkey with very little recourse if I did not get my vinyl.

Then, by a stroke of luck, I happened to check the record label’s website and there was the LP available for purchase.

Why did I go through so much trouble for a band that you have never heard of?  Because these girls are remarkable.  They are rock n roll angels and their music deserves to be shared with the world.  It needs to be played often and loud.

It is as if Deap Vally was formed in the laboratory of a mad musical scientist.  They are the culmination of Jack White’s heart, Jimmy Page’s soul, Robert Plant’s tenacity, and Joan Jett’s drive.

Sistrionix is raw.  It is two-piece garage rock and it might be my new favorite album.  As soon and Sistrionix was finished I turned it over to listen again.

Find this album and buy it.

My favorite track: Gonna Make My Own Money

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