Monster Truck – Furiosity

Do you find yourself struggling to discover new music?  Do the radio stations in your town play the same old artists over and over and make it difficult to learn about different bands?

I have the same problem.  I have to force myself to spend time looking for new stuff or I am just going to spin my wheels with the same old music.

I stumbled upon Monster Truck when I was on a search for new music.  I read an article about how Nickelback’s opening band was a great, straightforward rock n roll band.  That band is Monster Truck.

This band sounds like a red, white, and blue-bleeding, apple pie-eating, football-watching all-American band…….except they are from Canada.

Furiosity is heavy, but not scream-y.  It is headbanging sing-a-long rock.  It is driving fast on a backroad rock.  It is timeless rock.

I imagine that many a high school hockey team listen to Monster Truck during pregame warm-ups.

Furiosity is not full of hits, but it is a solid album.  Put it on the turntable and crank it up loud.

My favorite track: Undercover Love 

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