Buddy Miller – Cayamo: Sessions at Sea

Do you ever get really excited about learning something new only to find that no one in your life cares?  That is what happened to me when I discovered this album; specifically, when I learned that Nikki Lane sings a song on this album.  I had no one to tell that would care.

If you don’t know Nikki Lane, you need to google her and listen to her music and love her like I do.  I knew nothing of this album until I stumbled upon her duet online, so I ordered the vinyl.  It really is nice getting money from donating plasma.

Do you like country music?  And when I say country music I mean real country music.  Because if that’s what you like, buy this album.

Buddy Miller is a musician’s musician.  He is a guy that you probably haven’t heard of, but he is loved by many people you do know.  He took some equipment on one of those cruises that features a lot of artists and recorded this album.

I know that I mentioned Nikki Lane and that you probably don’t know her, but you’ll know Kris Kristofferson, Lee Ann Womack, Shawn Colvin, and Lucinda Williams.

This is the type of album that you can put on when your grandparents come over to visit.  It is classic songs recorded by Americana/Outlaw Country stars.  The amount of respect that is given to each track is tremendous.

There is a fantastic stand out on this album.  My favorite track is Shawn Colvin’s version of Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones.

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