Third Man Records Vault #27 – Live at the Gold Dollar

Have you ever been at a rock show in a small club and thought to yourself “these guys are going to do something someday”?

I am sure that thought went through the heads of many people who frequented the Gold Dollar in Detroit in the late 90s.

This package from the Third Man Records Vault showcases live shows from Jack White’s bands before The White Stripes existed.

First, Two Star Tabernacle:

Imagine a rockabilly band minus a stand-up bass plus Jack White playing his signature guitar sound and you’ve got Two Star Tabernacle.  It sounds like a two-piece garage band moved to the backwoods of Tennessee and hired two more members.

It makes me want to hear Jack White work with Reverend Horton Heat.

At one point on the album, you hear Jack White play the opening riff of what would later become The White Stripes’ version of Black Jack Davey.

My most favorite White Stripes song came out of this band: Hotel Yorba.

Next, The Go:

The Go have a gritty garage sound, but the vocals are very clean.  In fact, vocalist Bobby Harlow almost sounds British.  The Go have an air of 60s psychedelic rock to them that is hard to pinpoint.

But, there is plenty of Jack White-ness in this band.  The heavily bluesy guitar is definitely Jack White.

Finally, Jack White and the Bricks:

Would you like to hear The Raconteurs sing White Stripes songs?  That is exactly what this album is.  Jack White and Brendan Benson worked together as the Jack White Band (later referred to as Jack White and the Bricks) and played a bunch of songs that eventually became White Stripes staples.

Seriously, these are White Stripes songs performed with two guitars instead of one.  It is pretty awesome.

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