The Runaways – Live in Japan

Imagine being just out of high school and having an entire nation looking to you for inspiration.  That is what happened to The Runaways.

In the US they were fresh-faced teenage girls playing rock n roll, but in Japan they were a symbol for the oppressed women of that nation showing them that self-expression and independence were ideals to be celebrated.

This album can be summed up with one word: energy.  You can feel the excitement they had on the stage and you can feel the intensity of the crowd.



Live in Japan fully captures The Runaways’ live show.  They were minimally famous in the States, but these ladies were treated like superstars when they went to Japan and that fact is not missed on this record.

 The music on this album is timeless.  It is upbeat and fun without being bubblegum.  The Runaways were not a girl-band that rocked, but rather a band that rocked that happened to be girls.

My favorite track: Gettin’ Hot


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