Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

Do you ever daydream about time travel?  Do you wish that you had a TARDIS, DeLorean, or a Time-Turner?  When and where would you go?

First, I would stop by my high school years to give myself some love advice and then I would be off to experience the great music of the past.  One of my stops would be a smokey country bar in a small Texas town sometime in the early 70s.

We all know that the time machines are not real, but good music can create time travel.  Midwest Farmer’s Daughter takes you back to that smokey Texas bar.  As soon as you drop the needle on this album you can smell the smoke, taste the cheap beer, and hear a burly biker quietly crying alone in the corner.

This album brings back the days when country music was real country music: two-stepping tunes and heartbreak songs.

Margo Price can sing the hell out of a sad song, but Midwest Farmer’s Daughter is not all sad because she has some tongue in cheek fun, too.

This is a beer drinking album.  Put it on the turntable and crack open a cold one.  Also, it might just be the best country album of 2016.

The story is that Margo pawned her wedding ring and sold her car to finance the recording of this album at Sun Studios in Memphis.  I wish that I had the gumption to do something like that.

My favorite track: Since You Put Me Down


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