Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky 

Do you ever wonder what music would sound like if hair metal and grunge never happened?  Do you wish that the Southern Rock of the 70s lived on today?

Well, it does and it comes in the form of Black Stone Cherry.

You can draw a straight line from Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, et al. directly to Black Stone Cherry.  While they are not the only modern band keeping the next generation of Southern Rock alive, they are arguably the best at it.

From the very first drop of the needle, you can hear the Southerness of Kentucky.  It is full of heavy guitars with a certain country twang; you can almost taste the bourbon that must have been in the studio during this album’s recording.

And, just like with any other respectable Southern Rock band, Kentucky is balanced with boogie-inspired rock and guitar-driven power ballads.  Plus, Black Stone Cherry takes you to church with the horns featured on a masterful cover of Edwin Starr’s War.

Kentucky makes me wish I had a pickup truck and a girl in cut-off shorts.

My favorite track: Feelin’ Fuzzy


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