Michael Trent – The Winner

Who is your favorite artist?  Who is it that you want to hear every single thing they have recorded?  Who is the artist that makes you want to track down every compilation they have ever been a part of?

I am sure that you have a few answers.  So do I.  One of my answers is the band Shovels & Rope.

One half of Shovels & Rope is Michael Trent; the other half, Cary Ann Hearst, sings background vocals; so I needed this album.

The Winner is bluesy acoustic Americana country rock.  Toe-tappin’, front porch pickin’, good-timin’ music.

The Winner is an album to put on the turntable when you don’t feel like something too heavy or too country or too produced.  It is simply good music.

My favorite track: Bad Luck


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