Reigns – The House On The Causeway

Do you ever see an album at your record store and think “I wonder what that sounds like,” but you keep moving because you don’t really have the money or time to spend on a chance that you might like it?

You could go home, do some research to see if you like the sound, and then hope that your store still has a copy of that album…….or, you will do what most of us do and move on with your life because you forgot about it.

Buying records with the money I get from donating plasma has afforded me the opportunity to buy random vinyl.  This album is one of those records I bought without knowing a single thing about it.

My first thought was that the cover looks a little creepy, so maybe it is some heavy metal that I have never heard of.

No.  No that is not it at all.

This album is creepy.  It is mainly electronic music with scattered, weird spoken vocals.  It is slow moving.  It is background music.  Eerie background music.

Pianos, electronic tones, weird static, distorted voices.  This album is strange.

The House On The Causeway would make a fantastic soundtrack to a scary movie.

From what I can gather from the inner sleeve, this is a concept album purportedly recorded on location at some creepy house.

The text on the inner sleeve reads like a cross between a Hitchcock film and a text-based adventure game.

I should not have listened to the album while home alone.  I am thoroughly freaked out.

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  1. Ben Galisky says:

    I came here from reddit. Im so glad you decided to take a chance on this album. Because you did, I need up checking reigns out, and i LOVE them. I ordered this LP, and its on the way to my house right now. Keep doing what you’re doing dude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the love!


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