Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy

Sometimes you’re in the mood for good old-fashioned American rock ‘n roll. Apparently, you can find this in Canada. Monster Truck sounds like a rock band from Kentucky, but they are from Ontario.

Sittin’ Heavy is fun.  It is bluesy and Southern Rock.  If you are familiar with Black Stone Cherry (you should be), you will like Monster Truck.

This album is upbeat and fun for the most part, but Monster Truck slows is down with some traditional heavy rock ballads. Never too slow, but slow enough.


Need a pick me up? Feel like kicking someone’s ass? Excited about your promotion? Down because your girlfriend dumped you? Sittin’ Heavy is the type of album that you can put on the turntable in any mood.

Sittin’ Heavy is not the greatest rock album of all time. They are not going to be the next worldwide sensation. But, none of that matters. What matters is that this album is spectacular and fun and it will get many, many spins in my house. This album is so good that I won’t even mention that Monster Truck used to open for Nickelback.

My favorite track: The Enforcer

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