Holy Grail – Times of Pride and Peril

You just want to go out and get a drink, but your guitar playing friend wants to show you how he has perfected Eruption and you end up listening to him play it 4 times in a row; we all have a friend like that.  He’s cool, but dude……..

This is purely speculation, but I imagine that Holy Grail is 5 of those guys playing together.  Here is the poster that is included with the album:

They seem to love to show off what they can do with their instruments.  This sound is math rock or prog metal and it is fantastic.

I guarantee that the guitar solo in the middle of No More Heroes will make you want to strap on your air guitar and shred.

The vocals on Times of Pride and Peril sound as if Mark Slaughter and Geddy Lee had a baby.

My favorite track: Sudden Death

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