Shawn Mullins – Soul’s Core 

Ever run into the popular guy from high school and find out that he is still cool and friendly as an adult?  That dude has always been the same; he’s just likable and awesome.

That’s Shawn Mullins.

Soul’s Core is close to 20 years old and it is just as warm and friendly as it was then.
I really can’t tell if this album sounds like the quintessential 90s singer-songwriter storytelling album because I know it as so or because that’s actually what it is.  I guess it’s really a philosophical question; it’s like the chicken and the egg.

You can listen to this album two ways: you can put it on as background and enjoy the warm, inviting music or you can listen intently to the stories of Maria, the rich Hollywood daughter, Billy Jo, and more.

My favorite track has been the same since 1998:  Ballad of Billy Jo McKay

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