James Brown – Showtime

You know who the legends are from their reputation.  You may have never heard a James Brown album all the way through, but you definitely know who he is.

I’ll admit it, this is the very first James Brown album that I’ve ever listened to.

Now, I’ve heard his hits; I’m not a savage.  I have just never heard a full album.


Showtime has the feel of a live show in a small club, audience included.  This album is typical ’60s jazzy blues soul music.

And I am pretty sure that I am 12% blacker simply by listening to it.


Is Showtime some kind of breakthrough, genre-defining album?  No.

Is the vinyl worth a ton of money?  No.

Is it fun to own?  Absolutely.

My favorite track is the traditional blues sounding Someone Changed the Lock on my Door


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