Lucero – Women & Work

You know that one friend who goes on and on about a band that you’ve never heard of?  He goes to all of their shows, buys all of their albums, and bugs the crap out of you to please just listen to one song………

Lucero is one of those favorite bands.  They aren’t mainstream, but the people who love them really love them and, frankly, you need to listen to them.

Lucero’s sound?  Feel good rock n’ roll.

More specifically, Women & Work is slowed down rockabilly punk with a country lean.  And a horn section.  Don’t forget the horns; they fill out the sound nicely.



If you told me that Ryan Bingham is the lead singer of Lucero, I’d believe you.  Their voices are eerily similar.

This is the type of album that you put on your turntable and your friends will say  “who is that?  I really like it!”

This was a solid purchase with the blood money.  Women & Work will be a regular go-to album for me.

My favorite track: Juniper


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