Disturbed – Immortalized

You know how you tell yourself that you’re going to try new restaurants but you always end up at the same Mexican place?  You don’t go there because they have world-renowned fajitas; you go there because it’s convenient and you know exactly what you’re going to get.

That is how I feel about Disturbed.

I don’t look to Disturbed to give me something new, different, and refreshing.  I look to Disturbed to give me what they’ve been giving me for almost 20 years: straight-forward accessible metal.

Immortalized is so Disturbed-esque that this album could be the measuring stick at which all albums are ranked on their Disturbed-ness.

Immortalized is just the right mix of rock n roll and industrial metal.

Everything is going great on this album until you reach The Sound of Silence.  Yes, that song.

This cover is such a hard left turn that it really takes you back.  The first time I heard it, I hated it.  So, I listened again.  I didn’t hate it as much that time.  The third time I listened to it I actually kind of liked it.

The Sound of Silence doesn’t really fit in on this album, but then it kind of does.

Damn it, Disturbed.  You were supposed to be like my go-to Mexican place.  Stop trying to mess me up with these menu specials.

My favorite track: Who

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