Ryan Adams – 1989

You know that person you hate, but you don’t know why?  If you got to know them you would probably find out that they are a nice person, but you can’t bring yourself to do that because you just can’t stand looking at their face…….

That is how I feel about Taylor Swift.  I have an irrational and unjustifiable hate for her.

However, I respect her songwriting skills.

Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is good.  Really good.

I feel that it is a respectable way for me to listen to Taylor Swift songs.

The sound is pure Ryan Adams.  It’s not soft rock; it’s not piano rock; it’s not indie-acoustic singer-songwriter rock; the sound lands somewhere in between.  It is the music that I imagine every thin millennial with a beard in skinny jeans is listening to in his earbuds while drinking an organic soy latte.

That’s is not a bad thing.  I find Ryan Adams’ music to be perfect for a low key afternoon around the house.

I work at a Top 40 radio station, so I am familiar with all of the radio hits from this album.  It is nice for me to hear a different interpretation of those songs.

As for the other songs on the album, they are excellent.  There are very few weak spots on 1989.

My favorite track: Clean

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