Useless ID – The Lost Broken Bones

You know how sometimes something will catch your eye and you can’t stop thinking about it?  That’s how I was with this album.  I noticed it as I was flipping through vinyl at my local record store and I moved right past it.

As I continued searching the racks of the store I just couldn’t get this album out of my mind.

Why?  Because the album art is awesome.

I had never heard of this band.  I had no idea what this album sounded like at all.

I dropped the needle on this album completely blind to what I was about to hear.

Would it be growling metal?  Scream-o rock?  Would I be punching my very own ticket to hell just by listening to it?

In a word: no.

The Lost Broken Bones sounds like The Offspring.  Seriously, it sounds exactly like The Offspring.  This isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, it is kind of awesome.

I hate that I have never heard of this band until now.

However, now that I know of them I can tell all of my friends that I really like an Israeli punk band.

My favorite track: Night Stalker 

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