Chet Atkins picks on the Beatles

This is an album that I picked up on a whim.

I know who Chet Atkins is, I know who The Beatles are, and there’s an extra $10 of plasma money on my card.  No brainer.

I don’t know what I expected, but the sound coming out of my speakers definitely wasn’t it.

I was looking for bluegrass or some sort of jokey and playful country.

Instead, I got an almost surf-rock version of The Beatles.

It’s an instrumental album that doesn’t pretend to be anything but instrumental versions of hit songs.  Chet Atkins picks on the Beatles is Chet Atkins singing these songs with his guitar.

Every track is recognizable, sing-a-longable, and fun the listen to.  This album is perfect as dinner music or just relaxing with a drink.

My favorite track: Can’t Buy Me Love

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