Ghost – Meliora

I don’t know much about Ghost; I took a shot on this album after hearing one of their songs on Sirius/XM.  My first impression can be summed up in three words: evil church music.

This album is not what I was expecting.  Wikipedia calls them a Swedish heavy  metal band, so I imagined lots of screaming.  But, no.

The sound is big and full.  It has organs, strings, choir-like (dare I say angelic?)harmony, and low end guitars.
I am seriously impressed with the vocals on this album and the songs are catchy.

It is heavy, but not crazy.  If Rush did the soundtrack for Phantom of the Opera it would sound like Meliora from Ghost.

This album also comes with a book of drawings for each song.

I’m pretty sure that after flipping through the book of drawings and listening to the album a few times that I have now been added to the prayer list at my parent’s church.

I probably need the prayers anyway…..

My favorite track: Deus in Absentia

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