Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison

In the spring of 1990 I was 9 years old.  I loved my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Bryant, had a crush on a girl named Maria, and thought my older brother was the coolest guy I knew.

He is the one that got this album on cassette.  I didn’t know anything about new jack swing or the breakup of New Edition; all I knew was that these guys kind of sounded like Michael Jackson except dirtier.

Imagine being 9 years old and listening to Do Me!


Love-making music.

Creepy love-making music, actually:
Backstage, under age, adolescent

How ya doin? Fine, she replied

I sighed, I like to do the wild thing

Action took place

Kinda wet


Don’t get me wrong, this album is an excellent representation of early 90s R&B.
And it still stands up.

In the mood for a little groove?  Put Poison on the turntable.

My favorite track is the obvious one, the track I’ve heard a million times in my life: Poison


Never trust a big butt and a smile


Words to live by.

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